Configuring Approved Email for Offline Devices

The following process enables Approved Email for offline devices:

  1. Open the VMobile Object Configurations tab.
  2. Ensure the following VMOCs exist. If not, create them. All VMOCs should be Active with the appropriate device:

    Object VMOC Details
    • Type: Full Sync
    • Where Clause: none
    • Type: Full Sync
    • Where Clause: WHERE SetupOwnerId in (@@VOD_SF_PROFILEID@@, @@VOD_MY_ORGID@@)
    • Type: Full Sync
    • Where Clause: WHERE (Name like 'Signature_Graphic%' OR Name like 'AppEmail_%')
    • Type: Full Sync
    • Account Lookup Field: Account_vod__c
    • Where Clause: None
    • Type: Top Level
    • Where Clause: WHERE (Account_vod__r.Name != NULL AND CreatedDate>=LAST_N_DAYS:90)


    • Type: Full Sync
    • Where Clause: WHERE User_vod__c = @@VOD_SF_USER_ID@@

Email Templates reference images stored on public web servers. To view images in Email Templates while offline in Approved Email, adjust the Attachment VMOC so that Approved Document attachments are synced to CRM for iPad. Approved Document attachments include a copy of the Email Template with embedded images. When synced, the Email Templates and images can be previewed from within Approved Email while offline ensuring that complex emails with many images render properly offline. Initial sync times may increase depending on the volume of Email Templates and embedded images.

Ensure the Include Attachments check box is not selected for the Attachment VMOC.

Individual VMOC Settings contain WHERE clauses which enable users to add filters limiting the data pulled onto a mobile device during the Vault-CRM integration. See VMOCs for more information.

Changes made to the Attachment VMOC should be done in addition to any other modifications that may be necessary. The above is just an example of how the VMOC should be configured for Approved Email.