Publishing Method for Email Fragments

  • Browser (Classic, Lightning)

To understand the distribution of manually uploaded and auto-published email fragments synced from Vault, CRM Admin users can view the publish method, which displays how email fragments were created. Users can auto-publish Approved Email fragments in bulk from Veeva Vault. In CRM, admins can view the publish method of email fragments in Approved Documents.

To distinguish between the auto-published and user-generated Email Fragments in CRM, open the Approved Documents in the browser and view the Publish Method value.

Publish Method values:

  • Vault Auto Published - Email Fragments that are auto published in Vault and then synced to CRM
  • Vault User Published - Email Fragments that are user generated in Vault and then synced to CRM, Email Templates synced from Vault

For example, Verteo Biopharma decides to make all of their content in Vault available to send via Approved Email. John Howard, a Vault Admin, uses a bulk process to select which documents are available for Approved Email, and a Vault process automatically creates email fragments based on pre-set rules. When the email fragments get synced to Veeva CRM via AE sync, Sarah Jones is able to see those email fragments in Approved Email, with a Publish Method set to Vault Auto Published.

Configuring Publish Method for Email Fragments

To enable this feature, grant the AE Sync Integration User Edit access to the Publish_Method_vod field on the Approved Document object. Otherwise, the auto-published email fragments will not sync from Vault.