Veeva CRM Minor Release Notes – 192.9.20

The issues listed below were fixed in 192.9.20. Maintenance items in the Veeva application are corrections to existing functionality.

Call Reporting

Platform Issue Description Issue Number
iPad When a user had a large number of calls synced to their device, and submitted a call, navigating back to the Agenda view took several seconds. CRM-181101

Call Scheduling

Platform Issue Description Issue Number
iPad If a user created a call, immediately changed the call’s duration or datetime, and reopened the call, any Call Samples added during creation remained in the database but no longer displayed. Users could also add duplicate samples on these calls. CRM-181250

HTML Reports

Platform Issue Description Issue Number
iPad The Suggestion Report did not respond when a user selected Cancel. CRM-178965
iPad When a user selected Dismiss on a suggestion in an HTML Report containing a survey, the suggestion was unresponsive until the user refreshed their org. CRM-180568

Network Integration

Platform Issue Description Issue Number
Online Unverified accounts did not save until a user performed a manual sync. CRM-181299


Platform Issue Description Issue Number
iPad If a user’s iPad did not have sufficient storage space to complete a sync, the user’s database could become corrupt. CRM-181104
Online When a user created a record and then immediately edited the record, an error displayed indicating data had been modified. CRM-181232