Veeva CRM Minor Release Notes – 192.12.0

The issues listed below were fixed in 192.12.0. Maintenance items in the Veeva application are corrections to existing functionality.

Account Management

Platform Issue Description Issue Number
iPad The Pending Validation icon did not display on the Account Details screen until an incremental sync was performed. CRM-182541
iPad When a user created a child account record and set it as the primary parent for an account, org synchronization stalled on an existing account, preventing the sync from completing. CRM-183142
When a user navigated between accounts using the Account Hierarchy view in an org with child accounts enabled and then selected the Classic option on the Account List screen, an error sometimes occurred. CRM-184030
Online Dependent multi-select picklist values did not properly display on the DCR Edit page. CRM-181820
Windows Searching after selecting multi-select accounts on the My Accounts screen cleared selections. CRM-182778

Approved Email

Platform Issue Description Issue Number
iPad Sending an email from a call without a Salesforce ID caused a sync error when the Sent Email record was uploaded prior to the Call record. CRM-182865
iPad When sending an email containing merge tokens in a picklist token to multiple recipients, if the selected picklist value was null for one recipient, other recipients had their picklist value copied to other null-free text or null static picklist tokens. CRM-183230
iPad Special characters other than @, period, and underscore could not be used in an email address in the BCC field. CRM-183683
Windows Email template footers did not display in email templates. CRM-183454
iPad When an email template contained the same picklist token more than once, an error occurred. CRM-184549
iPad When sending emails to a non-account Events Management attendee, an error occurred. CRM-184680

Call Reporting

Platform Issue Description Issue Number
iPad Duplicate call attendees could potentially be created depending on the entry point the call was created from and the sequence and timing of the call updates. CRM-183231
iPad On calls with large number of attendees and key messages, the user was able to select Submit multiple times, causing a sync error. CRM-181776

Call Scheduling

Platform Issue Description Issue Number
iPad Saturdays and Sundays were always grayed out for users whose locale did not consider Saturday and Sunday to be the weekend. CRM-152908


Platform Issue Description Issue Number
iPad After a user closed the Approved Email overlay in CLM by selecting Close, the swipe navigation on slides did not work until the user selected another slide using the slide sorter. CRM-182777
Windows In certain cases, if a user quickly selected a reaction on a CLM slide and a reaction button was selected on a slide before the start time was set, some users received an error indicating the Start Time field contained an invalid date. CRM-182654


Platform Issue Description Issue Number
Online The Remote Meeting Attendance Process Status field was not updated when a remote meeting was scheduled on an iPad and started online. CRM-182921

Engage Webinar

Platform Issue Description Issue Number
Online An Engage Webinar Speaker URL was not generated when the user did not have access to the account’s email because the account was not in the user’s territory. CRM-177616

Events Management

Platform Issue Description Issue Number
iPad Attendee status was not reverted when validation failed. CRM-181383
Online Read-only fields on the Expense Line page layout were editable in the Expense Line related list in the Expense Header page layout. CRM-181103
Online The Country field on the New Event screen displayed the country code instead of the country name. CRM-182100
Online When a user for whom the Child Accounts in Events Management feature was enabled attempted to add attendees using the All Locations view, the load time was more than six minutes. CRM-182659

HTML Reports

Platform Issue Description Issue Number
Windows The getDataForCurrentObject function did not properly return the current HTML Report information from the Account Profile Override MyInsights entry point. CRM-183253

Medical Inquiries

Platform Issue Description Issue Number
Online When a user attempted to create a Medical Inquiry Fulfillment Response record in an org where the Medical Inquiry Fulfillment record type label was modified, an error occurred. CRM-183348


Platform Issue Description Issue Number
Windows Custom Multichannel Activity on the Account Timeline did not display a value in the URL_vod field when the Site_vod object did not contain a value or the user did not have FLS permission to the field. CRM-182645


Platform Issue Description Issue Number
iPad When the Enable Child Accounts Veeva Setting was enabled and a user selected an account or child account to create a Survey Target, the account displayed in a similar format to the child account, making them difficult to distinguish. CRM-182179
Online When a user selected the Clone Survey with Targets button, an error occurred. CRM-182647


Platform Issue Description Issue Number
iPad After a user edited comments on an attachment, a Data Has Been Modified error occurred. CRM-183073
iPad When a user with FLS edit permission to the Parent_Affiliation_Count_vod and Child_Affiliation_Count_vod fields viewed the Account Hierarchy screen, a Data Has Been Modified error message displayed on Child_Account_vod records. CRM-182784
iPad When creating an account with a parent account that was also newly created, the address for the new account was not saved. CRM-184066
Online A call with attendees was created even though a sync error occurred. CRM-181730

For special objects:

  • Call/Child Objects related to Call
  • Order/Order Lines/Delivery Orders
  • Inventory Monitoring/Inventory Monitoring Lines
  • Content Acknowledgment/Content Acknowledgment Items
  • Medical Inquiry Fulfillment/Medical Inquiry Fulfillment Responses
  • Data Change Request/Data Change Request Lines

Each save always included all fields on the record. If an online workflow or trigger changed a value on the record on create of the record and if the iPad was not yet aware of the online change and the user made an edit to the record, the online change would be overwritten.

We are updating the iOS app so the only fields sent online during save are _vod__c fields, standard Salesforce fields, and any field which is actually edited by the end user, thus workflow and triggers on any customer fields on create will be preserved, even with subsequent saves.

In addition, the Call Objective object has been updated so that sync errors now display. They are also independently uploaded of calls and there is a possibility that if a call has a sync error, the related call objective changes are still saved.


Sync Server

Platform Issue Description Issue Number
Online When a user created a call from a Save for Later activity and then immediately closed the app, a Data Has Been Modified error occurred on a Multichannel Activity record. CRM-181889
Online In some orgs with a very large number of accounts, the autosync widget continually displayed that it was uploading. CRM-183991


Platform Issue Description Issue Number
Online When an org’s locale was set to English (Australia), the datetime displayed in 24-hour format instead of AM/PM. CRM-180498