Supporting Multi-Country Users

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Some key account managers and MSLs need to manage records in multiple countries. This feature enables users to search, create, or edit records in multiple countries.

A user’s primary country (two-letter ISO code) in CRM is the country in the address section on the User object. The primary country in Network is represented by the primary_country__v field on the HCP/HCO object.

To enable this feature:

  1. Add the appropriate countries as a semicolon-delimited list to the Network_Additional_Countries_vod__c field on the User object.
  2. Create a field mapping between the primary_country__v field in Network and a field in CRM that represents the Account’s country. This field can be either the Country_vod field on the Account object, or it can be a custom text or lookup field.
  3. Add the field mapped to the primary_country__v field to all appropriate Account object page layouts.

    The field can also be added to a page layout as a DCR field (using the DCR Field Type).

If the Network_Additional_Countries_vod__c field is populated when a user performs a Network Account Search, Network searches across all countries specified in the Network_Additional_Countries_vod__c field and in the user’s primary country. Users can narrow search results by providing the city, state, or country name in the Location search box.

When a user creates a record (for example, an HCP record), the country defaults to the user’s primary country.

When a user creates an address or a child Account, the system queries the account’s primary country for the mapping and DCR stamping information. If the Account’s country is not available, the system uses the user’s primary country.