Inactive Addresses

Customers can configure VMOCs to prevent inactive addresses from being downloaded to offline devices. This helps avoid confusion for end users, prevent DCR rejections, improve processing time, and eliminate unnecessary data synchronization.

Addresses can be inactive due to one of the following:

  • Valid Network record with Inactive status
  • Invalid record (Record state in Network is not Valid or Under Review)
  • When records are merged in Network, the CRM bridge sets the address to be Inactive in CRM (see Record State Handling for more information)

To ensure inactive addresses are not displayed on offline devices, change the VMOC on the Address object to add the following Where clause

WHERE Account_vod__r.Name != null and Inactive_vod__c = false

Ensure the “Enhanced Sync” option for this VMOC is active so the existing inactive addresses are included.

The existing where clause WHERE Account_vod_r.Name!=null on the Address can be removed from the VMOC to enhance the synchronization performance.