Network Address Inheritance Support

Network Address Inheritance allows customers to apply the address of a parent HCO to its child HCP (or HCO). Now customers can fully leverage this functionality to manage addresses at the business account level in CRM.

Due to potential conflicts with the existing CRM address inheritance batch process, all customers using Network must disable the classic CRM address inheritance process.

Configuring Network Address Inheritance Support

To enable this feature:

  1. Enable the Support Network Address Inheritance Network Setting with a value of 1.
  2. Create two new field mappings:
  • One between the Controlling_Address_vod__c  field on the Address_vod object in CRM and the parent_address_vid__v field in Network
  • Second between the Controlled_Address_vod__c  field on the Address_vod in CRM and the parent_address_sync__v field in Network. The field reference mappings should also be configured.

Using Network Address Inheritance Support

With this feature, all the mapping between a child address and the parent address that is provided and maintained by Network is pushed to CRM.

This feature only works with Network compatible Account types. If some accounts in CRM are managed locally or by third party (See Enabling Network by Account Record Type), the address link between the parent and child is not maintained.