Multi-Select Picklist Support

Multi-Select Picklists in Veeva CRM are represented by a group of picklists in Veeva Network. In such cases, the picklists in Network are defined as a Field Group, indicating they all have the same list of values and represent the same attribute of an entity.

To map a Multi-Select Picklist to a Field Group, create a new Network Field Mapping object record in CRM. When selecting a field of type MULTI-SELECT  in the CRM_Field_API_Name_vod field, the Network_API_Name_vod field populates with a list of Field Groups (as opposed to Network Field names for other data types). Once the Network Field Mapping is saved, you can create Network Reference Mapping records to accurately map the picklist values between the CRM Multi-Select Picklist and the corresponding picklist values in Network.

Multi-Select Picklist Restrictions

The number of available items in a Multi-Select Picklist in CRM mapped to a Field Group in Network is restricted based on the number available in Network. If a user in CRM selects more than the maximum allowed for the field, an error message displays.

To configure this feature, provide FLS to the Max_Field_Group_Values_vod on Network_Field_Mapping_vod, and ensure an active VMOC exists for Network_Field_Mapping_vod if utilizing the Network Integration on CRM for iPad