Network Merge

When one to many Accounts merge in Network, the merges are reflected in CRM through the regular update.  Any changes to child records that originate in Network, such as Addresses, Licenses, Identifiers, and Child Account relationships, are updated within CRM to reflect the Network view of the Account.  As a result of these merges, the regular merge process takes place within CRM to combine all CRM specific data for those Accounts. In most cases, the Winner takes all from the Loser. The logic for processing survivorship is that the Winner takes all from the Loser. 

Special Merge Logic for Network:

  • During a CRM Network merge, if only the merge loser exists in CRM, the loser's Network External ID is updated to point to the merge winner. This applies to Accounts, Addresses, and Child Accounts.
  • Address Merge - When an address is added or dropped by Network, the regular license trigger populates the State License on the rest of the addresses for a User, per usual logic. However, when an Address is dropped by Network, where Network merges accounts together and the winner account has merged addresses, the loser address comes to CRM as Address Drops. Veeva CRM Addresses will always reflect what Network states the address should be.
  • Merge History - The existing Account Merges object is used to track the history of which merges took place.

Set the ACCOUNT_ADDRESS_MERGE_BEHAVIOR Custom Label to ASIS so it does not conflict with the Network merge.


See Account Merge for more details.