OnDemand License Update from OpenData

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Veeva OpenData users can refresh license information directly from the Call Report or Unique Activities on Group Call pages. This eliminates the need to create a DCR to update the information or wait for the license to update through existing jobs from OpenData.

For example, Sarah Jones wants to provide Dr. Ackerman with a sample, but the Call page indicates Dr. Ackerman is not sample eligible. If an internet connection is available, Sarah can refresh the license data via OpenData by selecting the Update button on the Call page, retrieving the latest license from OpenData, allowing Sarah to leave the sample with Dr. Ackerman.

This feature is only applicable if the Call Report has an Address associated.

Users need an active internet connection to utilize this feature.

Configuring OnDemand License Update

To enable this feature:

  1. Enable the DATA_CHANGE_REQUEST_MODE_vod Veeva Setting with a value of 1 or 2.
  2. Enable the NETWORK_CUSTOMER_MASTER_MODE_vod Network Setting with a value of 1.
  3. Grant users FLS permissions to the Network_License_Entity_ID_vod (to update the State License information) and/or the Network_DEA_Entity_ID_vod (to update the DEA license information) fields on the Address_vod object.
  4. Ensure the correct Network vid exists for the Network_License_Entity_ID_vod and/or Network_DEA_Entity_ID_vod fields. These fields can be populated by running a full Network subscription.

This feature does not work with the --asf section signal.

Using OnDemand License Update

Once a user selects the Update button, a pop-up displays the progress of the update with the option to Cancel or Skip the update. Selecting Skip bypasses the update procedure and allows the user to create a License DCR. If the user selects Update and does not have an internet connection, a pop-up window displays for the user to create a License DCR directly.

If the license information is updated, a pop-up notification displays. The license status field on the Call Report page is updated accordingly.

When state licenses are updated, all addresses that have the same state license are updated as well.

If a yellow “i" displays next the Update button, selecting Update displays a pop-up notifying the user there is an existing DCR for this license. Selecting Yes updates the license via OpenData again.