Indication of Pending DCR

If a DCR is pending on a Controlled Field, an icon displays to the right of the field name. Selecting the icon displays the following message which is defined by the DCR_EXIST Veeva Message: "This field is part of a submitted Data Change Request."

However, there are certain fields that cannot be marked as read-only on the page layout:

  • Master-detail fields: Account_vod on Address object, Parent_Account_vod on Child Account object
  • Name fields: Account Name, Address Line 1 on Address object.

In this case, Inline Editing must be disabled.

When other fields cannot be marked as read-only on the page layout - for instance when different user groups share the same page layout, and for some groups the field needs to be editable and for other groups DCR editable – there are two options:

  • If there are separate user profiles, the issue can be solved by creating separate page layouts.
  • If the users belong to different countries and there are no separate user profiles, then object and field access permissions must be set up correctly.