SAP Concur Data Centers

Company Administrators can now select either the US (North America) or EMEA (Europe) data center from the Concur Integration Admin page. A data center must be selected so transactions from Veeva to SAP Concur are transmitted to the correct environment.

A Veeva CRM instance can only connect to one data center at a time.

To determine which data center to connect to:

  1. Sign into your SAP Concur Solutions account.
  2. Select the Service Status link. Your SAP Concur data center displays.

Configuring the SAP Concur Data Center in CRM

Navigate to the Concur Admin page and select the appropriate option from the Concur Data Center Region.

Using the SAP Concur Data Center in CRM

The setting applies to all outbound integrations from Veeva to SAP Concur. When run, the integrations refer to the SAP Concur Data Center Region setting to determine to which data center all outbound expenses should be sent. This setting defaults to US.

In the uncommon situation of changing SAP Concur data centers, it is necessary to re-enter the mappings. This is because the SAP Concur fields, expense types, payment types, and other configurations will contain different values in the new SAP Concur environment.