Configuring for a Medical Event

To configure the page layout for Medical Event:

  1. Grant end users FLS read permission to the Expense_System_External_Id_vod field on the Medical_Event_vod object.
  2. Add the following required fields to the appropriate page layout for the Medical_Event_vod  object:

    • Expense_Amount_vod__c
    • Submit_Expense_vod__c – this field is a check box that allows the user to flag the expense for submission to SAP Concur once the user enters all the necessary expense information
  3. Add a new related list called Event Attendees.

To allow users to select attendees as having incurred expense and to specify Expense Attendee Type, users should have CRUD permissions on the Event Attendee Object to the following fields:

  • Incurred_Expense_vod
  • Expense_Attendee_Type_vod

To add attendee specific fields to Medical Event:

  1. Modify the Event Attendees related list on the Medical Event page layout by clicking the wrench icon on the Event Attendees table.
  2. Add the following optional fields:

    • Incurred_Expense_vod  - add as an Attendee Specific field. This field provides the ability to select which attendees get posted to SAP Concur. Incurred Expense is selected by default.

      If Incurred Expense is not added to the layout all attendees will post as an expense to SAP Concur.

    • Expense_Attendee_Type_vod__c - The default Attendee Type is BUSGUEST. Custom/multiple attendee types picklist can be edited.