Using the Go Online Button

  • iPad

iPad users can use the Go Online menu item to display the Browser platform or any external URL. Selecting the Go Online button displays the embedded browser with the destination page. If the destination page is a page, CRM for iPad automatically logs in the user.

Go Online is also available on the Windows Tablet platform.


  • Websites navigated to via the Go Online button will have access to user authentication information
  • When using the Go Online button from a record detail screen, only the online version of the record detail displays. Tabs and navigation to other areas of the online application are not available.

Configuring the Go Online Button

The URL behind the Go Online tab can be configured to navigate to any page or external URL. The destination page is stored in the Online_Tab_URL custom setting. If the setting is blank, the Go Online menu item does not display on the CRM for iPad Home screen.

If a page is referenced, CRM for iPad automatically logs the user into Veeva CRM online. pages must be entered as relative URLs (i.e. /home/home.jsp). Note the leading slash is required.

External sites are entered as absolute URLs (e.g. Note the URL must be fully qualified (i.e. begin with http://).

Using the Device's Default Browser Instead of the Embedded Browser

The Go Online button can be configured to open the device's default browser instead of the embedded browser by prepending the value of the Online_Tab_URL Veeva Message with “SAFARI:”.

The SAFARI prefix is only supported on the iPad platform.

Salesforce does not support the Lightning Experience for embedded browsers using WKWebView. To view CRM online in Lightning, admins must configure Go Online and other buttons to external sites to launch the Safari browser on iPadOS.

CRM for iPad does not support passing credentials or other form data to external websites. If a customer wishes to create a custom landing page or dashboard, Veeva recommends creating a Visualforce page within their org and setting the URL to point to that page. The Visualforce page can then include links to the company intranet or other sites.