Using the Embedded Web Browser

  • iPad

When CRM for iPad transitions from offline to online functionality, the online pieces are rendered in a full screen embedded web browser. The browser has typical web browser behavior:

  • A Home button used to navigate the user to the first page visited in the current browser session
  • Back and Forward buttons allow the user to navigate through the browser history one page at a time. The history is reset for each browsing session.
  • A Refresh button reloads the current page
  • The Done button dismisses the browser and returns the user to the prior context in CRM for iPad

The embedded browser does not support navigating to a user-defined URL.

WKWebView Support for Embedded Browsers

WKWebView is the newest content viewer in iOS compared to what was previously used, (UIWebView) and recommended for customizing web-browsing behavior and improved performance.

The following locations in Veeva CRM now use WKWebView to launch embedded browsers:

  • The Go Online tab from the Home page
  • The Globe icon on the title bar in Detail pages
  • Any web page link defined in formula fields containing hyperlink functions