Installing the Application

Two files are installed locally during the installation process. Both of these files are required to use CRM for Windows and should not be deleted:

  • VeevaWinInstaller – A ClickOnce application that installs in the application cache. It is used to download and install application upgrades.
  • VeevaMobile – The main application executable. Installs in C:\Program Files\WindowsApps.

File and Data Locations

CRM for Windows uses the SQLite database embedded in the application and stores data in an encrypted form in the following locations:



Application Components




Before the application can be installed, the installation link must first display in the homepage.

To display the CRM for Windows installation link on the Veeva CRM home page:

  1. Navigate to Setup >Customize >Home >Home Page Layouts.
  2. Select Edit for the appropriate page layout.
  3. Select the Veeva CRM for Windows check box in the Select Narrow Components to Show section.

  4. Select Next.
  5. Select Save.

Manually Installing the Application

For devices not controlled via an MDM, installing CRM for Windows can be performed manually by the end user. Users are able to install the app from within Veeva CRM online in Salesforce. The installation link is located in the CRM for Windows section of the homepage.

To install the application manually:

  1. Select the Install link in the CRM for Windows section of the homepage.
  2. Select Install Now.

  3. Select Run when prompted to download the setup.exe file.

Users may receive additional warnings from firewall or antivirus security software installed on the device. If these warnings display, always select the option that allows the installation to proceed.

Installing VeevaWinInstaller takes a few minutes. A progress bar displays during the installation process.

Once installation is complete, the VeevaWinInstaller launches and the user is prompted to sign into the application. After signing in, VeevaWinInstaller determines the version of the app to install and initiates the installation.

After installation, the CRM for Windows app launches and the initial database sync begins.

Enterprise Installation for Windows

For enterprise environments where Windows devices are centrally controlled through MDM or Windows domain, the following methods are used to install Veeva CRM on the device:

  • Windows Image – If you are using a windows image to build your devices, install VeevaWinInstaller on the device
  • System Center – Configure VeevaWinInstaller within your MDM environment push VeevaWinInstaller onto the device

In both cases, end users launch the installer the first time they log in. The installer installs Veeva CRM, including the app package and local database.

Both VeevaWinInstaller and Veeva CRM automatically update once they are installed on the device.

A security warning window (similar to the one displayed during initial installs) displays during the first upgrade after Veeva renews the security certificate.

MSI Installation

Administrators can utilize an MSI package to deploy the installer application for CRM for Windows for all end-users. This enables administrators to avoid directing end-users to download the installer application themselves. To install Veeva CRM for users using an MSI package:

  1. Download the MSI installer package.
  2. Create a group policy that includes all desired end-users.
  3. Apply the MSI package to the group policy.

After the MSI package is applied to the group policy, the Veeva CRM installer application automatically installs when the end-user next logs in. End users can then use the WinCRMInstaller.exe program to install CRM for Windows. End users must provide their username and password to install Veeva CRM.

After installation, the CRM for Windows app launches and the initial database sync begins.