Managing the Veeva CRM Cache

Cache is used to store reusable parts of the application on the server to improve response time for users. The Veeva CRM application uses cache on the Veeva servers for the components that are specific to the Veeva CRM application. A few examples of these components include:

  • Call Report
  • Sample Transaction
  • My Accounts
  • My Schedule

Cache is loaded once per user profile to increase performance before being rebuilt. Cache will rebuild depending on the value for CACHE_TIMEOUT. The default value is 16 hours, though the setting is stored in minutes.

The refresh of the cache will allow users to see any update to the Veeva CRM database objects. Logging in and out does not clear the cache for the Veeva CRM -specific components.

You can clear cache manually in two ways:

  • Clicking Clear VOD Cache
  • Click Clear Cache on the Veeva Message tab -cache clears for all user profiles.