Providing Feedback on Violations

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Reviewer Central will be deprecated in a future release. It will be replaced by Using Monitored Text to Review Approved Notes Violations.

Approved Notes compliance users can provide feedback if a violation was valid in context.

From Reviewer Central:

  1. Select the appropriate note in the Note column.

  2. Review all listed violations in the Violation table. Hovering over a row in the table highlights where the violation occurred in the note.

  3. Select the appropriate value in the Does the Violation Contextually Match the Category? column for each listed violation.
  4. Enter the appropriate value in the Status picklist. The default value is Open. By default, the values of this picklist are:

    • Open
    • In Review
    • Needs Further Review
    • Closed
  5. Enter comments.

  6. Select Save.

Adding Custom Values to the Status Picklist

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Compliance users can create additional values to the Status picklist when reviewing a note in Reviewer Central, granting greater flexibility to the feedback process.

Custom picklist values can be added by creating a new Veeva Message with a category of ApprovedNotesStatus. The text of the Veeva Message displays as the text of the picklist value.

Admins can define custom picklist values in multiple languages, but there must be an equivalent Veeva Message with a language of English for every custom value.

For example, the admin wants to add a new custom picklist value in Japanese. The admin creates two new Veeva Messages, both named MeetingRequired;;ApprovedNotesStatus, one in English and one in Japanese.

Additionally, admins can create custom translations for default statuses by cloning the Veeva Message, for example, Closed_vod;;ApprovedNotesStatus, then editing the text to the appropriate translation.