JD-NET Specific File Data Format

The file format for JD-NET sales data files must be Comma Separated Values (CSV).

Additionally, due to the nature of JD-NET data, certain fields contained in each JD-NET sales file record are expected to be in a specific format:

  • External_ID_vod__c must be a number
  • Date values should be in yyyyMMdd format
  • Datetime values should be in yyyyMMddHHmm format
  • For Number fields, the corresponding Sales_Incremental_Transaction_vod field must match the data type you are trying to load. For example, if you have integer values in Settlement_Price_vod__c, this field would need to be changed to a Number(15,0), otherwise the load will fail. Price and metric fields are delivered as Number(15,2) fields.
  • Product group values must match the values in the name field of analytics product groups
  • It is recommended that numeric values be used for ID_vod__c (in the account record types) for performance purposes. However, if ID_vod__c contains string values, then the file types for the following account fields must be changed to Text(10):
  • Distributor Branch Id
  • Distributor Id
  • Hospital Id
  • Pharmacy Id
  • For records to be deleted from the Fixed Reports data repository for JD-NET:
  • the values for External_ID_vod__c must be existing values
  • all Date and Datetime values must be provided in valid formats
  • all Number fields must be set to 0
  • all Text fields must be empty

If header rows are contained in the sale file, each header row should have the # symbol in the first position of each record.