Loading Call Activity Data for Fixed Reports

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Some Fixed Reports (including Efforts vs. Results, Reach and Frequency, and Average Calls per Day) incorporate call activity data. This call activity data originates from the activities recorded by users in Veeva CRM. In order for Fixed Reports to generate reports on this data, the calls recorded in Veeva CRM must be loaded into the Fixed Reports database. This loading process is run nightly to prevent any performance degradation during the day, when user activity is at its peak.

In order for this process to run, create a Scheduled Job (Admin Setup > Monitoring > Scheduled Jobs) for the VEEVA_RUN_ANALYTICS_PROCESS Apex Class. The job only runs in orgs maintained by Veeva (Production and full Sandbox orgs) and can be scheduled any time that fits your organization’s needs.

After an upgrade, if this job is not scheduled, the Call Activity tables within the Fixed Reports database will no longer be populated. Scheduling this job has no effect on sales data.

Any calls entered by end users or loaded in by admins do not display in Fixed Reports until the process is run that night. If call activity based reports are not required in the org, activating this process to load call activity data is not necessary.

If the VADMIN user's profile contains an allowlist of IP addresses, include the IP address.