Displaying Data Across Different Time Frames

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Fixed Reports takes special care to standardize the display of time frames across the various reports and supported platforms. The following applies mostly to cases in which weekly sales data is loaded, but it is important to understand the concepts for all Fixed Reports users.

When loading sales data, Fixed Reports looks at the data date entered when the data file is loaded. This is considered the last date the data pertains to and Fixed Reports works backward from that date. When Fixed Reports encounters the first Monday before the entered data date, it classifies that week as the most recent available week of data and assigns the first bucket (B1_vod in the sales file) to that week. The next bucket (B2_vod) is assigned to the week prior to that, from the previous Monday through Sunday. This process continues until the last bucket in the sales file is reached.

When loading weekly data files, Veeva recommends loading sales data with a data date that falls on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, so that the most recent week of data (B1_vod) has a comparable number of days to the other weekly buckets being displayed.

When viewing weekly data using a monthly scale, Fixed Reports needs to convert the weekly buckets into the appropriate months. Fixed Reports assigns weeks to the different monthly periods as follows:

  • Rolling 1 month – 4 weekly buckets
  • Rolling 3 months – 13 weekly buckets
  • Rolling 6 months – 26 weekly buckets
  • Rolling 12 months – 52 weekly buckets
  • Rolling 24 months – 104 weekly buckets

Fixed Reports determines which month the weekly bucket belongs to according to the date of the Monday of that week. So, if the first day (Monday) of a bucket is in February, that entire week is considered February data.

When viewing weekly sales data in a report, the report always displays the date of the Monday of the week being viewed, regardless of the days of the week to which the data pertains.

For example, a sales data file with the data date set to Thursday, March 3rd, 2011 is loaded. The weekly buckets are defined as follows:

  • Most recent Monday: February 28th, 2011
  • B1_vod (most recent week of data) contains data from Monday, February 28th, 2011 up to Thursday, March 3rd, 2011
  • The second bucket is assigned to the week of February 21st, and contains seven days’ worth of data. The remaining 50 buckets are also assigned in this fashion.
  • If viewing this data set using a monthly scale, then February contains four buckets of data (for the weeks of the 28th, 21st, 14th and 7th). January contains five buckets of data (for the weeks of the 31st, 24th, 17th, 10th and 3rd). Previous months are assigned in a similar fashion, based on the month of the first Monday of each bucket.