Managing Columns for Top Accounts Reports

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The Top Accounts report is available on various Fixed Reports analytics layouts. The columns displayed are based on the Analytics_Layouts_vod record type. Admins can remove and reorder columns, as well as add additional columns.

Top Accounts can display a maximum of 255 columns.

Configuring Top Accounts Columns

To add, remove, or re-order columns:

  1. Populate the TOP_ACCTS_COLS_vod Veeva Setting with the value TOP_ACCTS_COLS;;Analytics.
  2. Edit the TOP_ACCTS_COLS Veeva Message with a comma-separated list of fields to display in the report. List the fields in the correct order for the columns to display. If this Veeva Message is blank, the default list of columns displays in Top Accounts reports.

    The default list of fields is defined as the list of fields currently displayed for each Top Accounts report. The order of the default list of fields is maintained.

  3. Clear Veeva Cache.

The TOP_ACCTS_COLS Veeva Message must use the following format:


where <top_account_s_control> is the S-control name for a specific top account report and <fieldn> is the Veeva-defined field name for the top account field for that report. The S-control is separated from the list of fields by a colon. Fields are separated by commas. Configurations for each top account report are separated by double semi-colons.

For example, to configure the Territory Comparison, Territory Sales Analysis, and Territory Payer Analysis Top Accounts columns, the TOP_ACCTS_COLS Veeva Message can us the following field list:

AN_TC_Acc_List_vod: Account.Account.Account_Identifier_vod_c, DataType, Goals, GrowthPct, PctProductSales;;An_TSA_Acc_List_vod: Account.Account.Account_Identifier_vodc, DataType, Goals, GrowthPct, PctProductSales;;An_Territory_Payer_Top_Accts_vod:Account.Account.Account_Identifier_vod_c, DataType, PctSales;;

The available fields for the top account S-controls are defined in the following table:

S-Control Fields Available (default list and order)
AN_TC_Acc_List_vod DataType, Goals1, GrowthPct, PctProductSales
An_TSA_Acc_List_vod DataType, Goals1, GrowthPct, PctProductSales
An_Territory_Payer_Top_Accts_vod DataType2, PctSales
An_RF_Acc_List_vod Reached, NumCalls, AvgFreq3
An_ER_Acct_Report_vod DataType, CallTypeGroup, GrowthPct, PctProductSales. Individual call types are not configurable because they are based on the call types selected in the Call Type filter.
An_CPA_Target_List_vod Actual, Planned, Remaining4

1Goals only display if the Display Goals check box is selected. If this is the case, a configuration containing goals determines the position of the field in the table.

2DataType represents the sales figure used to calculate % of Sales and displays as a column in the Territory Payer Analysis Top Accounts by default

3Only adding account fields is supported. Existing default fields, Reached, NumCalls, AvgFreq cannot be removed and account fields cannot be placed in between the default fields.

4If one or more of the Actual, Planned, or Remaining fields are removed, the column is not displayed for My/All Calls as well as for product-specific calls

Defining Account Fields as Columns

In addition to existing report fields, admins can specify Account fields in the TOP_ACCTS_COLS Veeva Message. Account fields must be specified in the following format:

Account.<standard_field_name> or Account.<custom_field_api_name>


  • Up to three Account fields per S-control are supported
  • Only fields from the Account object are supported, not Address or other related objects
  • Veeva does not support the Text Area, Text Area (Long), Text Area (Rich), Text (Encrypted) field types or any field types that may reference non-Account fields, including Formula, Roll-Up Summary, and Lookup Relationship
  • If the Account field is added between fields grouped together in a two-level heading, the Account field is added to the grouping. The field is repeated for each instance of the grouping, for example, for each product in the Territory Sales Analysis report.
  • For an Account field placed before or after a field group, the Account field is not part of the group and is only displayed once
  • An Account field only be added as the first field in a field group for the An_CPA_Target_List_vod S-control, where Account fields are included in the group regardless of position
  • The account name column is not configurable and is always the left-most column in any top account report. It always links to the account detail page.
  • If goals display and columns are configured, a configuration containing the goals field determines the position of the field in the table. If the goals field is omitted in a configuration and goals display, the field displays as the first column (excluding the account name columb) by default. This applies to all S-controls supporting goals.
  • In the case of both goals and Account fields configured in an S-control with repeating columns:
  • If the Account field is listed first, it displays only once
  • If the goal field is listed first and the Account field second, the goal field is determined to be the first field. The Account field is repeated with the rest of the columns. If the goal field is not displayed because the Display Goals check box is not selected or data is not available, the Account field continues to repeat for each column grouping.
  • In the Efforts vs. Results Top Accounts report, Call Types are not configurable because they are based on run-time filter selections
  • In the Reach and Frequency Top Accounts report, product details are not configurable because they are based on the Display Products filter
  • If the system does not recognize a listed field name, the field name is ignored. If no valid field names are found for a specified S-control, the default list of fields is used for that S-control.
  • If the system does not recognize a listed report S-control,the S-control is ignored. If no valid S-controls are found, the default list of fields is used for all S-controls.