Managing the Display Products Filter

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The values shown in the Display Products filter can be configured to display fewer options. The filter options are configured by analytics market. This filter is available for the following reports:

  • Account Summary
  • Territory Comparison
  • Territory Payer Analysis
  • Territory Sales Analysis
  • JD-NET Details
  • JD-NET Detail Summary

Configuring Display Products Filter Options

To allow admins to manage the product options in the Display Products filter, select the ENABLE_VINSIGHTS_PRODUCTS_CONFIG Veeva Setting check box.

To display a product in the filter:

  1. Navigate to the Analytics Product Group tab.
  2. Select the appropriate Analytics_Product_Group_vod record.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Populate the Display_Order_vod field with a number value. This value also determines the order in which the product displays in the filter.
  5. Select Save.

Products without the Display_Order_vod populated do not display in the filter, but are still included in report calculations.