Loading Territory Adjusted Sales Data

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Fixed Reports supports account level sales data broken down by user and territory. This provides a more refined view of a user's sales to accounts assigned to more than one user or territory at the same time.

The territory adjusted sales data file must include both the account identifier and the territory for each row of data in the file. Fixed Reports expects the allocations or breakdown by territory in the data file. Only lower level (leaf) territory nodes must be in the file. Aggregation up the territory hierarchy is performed by Fixed Reports.

Sales data can be allocated to one or more territory per account.

Configuring Territory Adjusted Sales Data

  1. Populate the Primary Territory on the User record for a user assigned to multiple territories.

    The primary territory field is a customer-maintained field. If the user’s primary territory changes due to realignment, this field must be updated to the new territory.

  2. Create a Data_Map_Template_vod record for the territory adjusted sales data file.
  3. Select the Territory_Names_Included_vod check box on the newly created Data_Map_Template_vod record.
  4. Create Data_Map_Template_Field_vod records for both the account identifier (ID_vod) and territory name (Territory_Name_vod) data columns.