Comparing Sales Data Up the Territory Hierarchy

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Fixed Reports allows users to compare their sales performance against district, regional, and national level results. Depending on the report being viewed, user can view additional data points or trend lines indicating how they perform against their peers. Only data that cannot be attributed to a specific user displays, for example, aggregate sales or average percentage growth, so sensitive compensation data is not made visible.

Comparison data must be loaded as a separate, pre-aggregated file. All territory nodes should exist in this file to prevent double counting of accounts aligned to multiple territories.

Configuring Comparisons Up the Territory Hierarchy

  1. Create a Data_Map_Template_vod record for the sales file used for comparisons.
    • Ensure the Column Labels in the data map template match the Column Labels for the data map template of the regular sales file. This allows Fixed Reports to associate the two files with one another.
    • Select the Territory_Names_Include_vod field on the Data_Map_Template_vod record
    • Load and process the pre-aggregated sales file through the Analytics Admin page
  2. Select the ENABLE_VINSIGHTS_FILTERS_CONFIG Veeva Setting check box.
  3. Place the appropriate Compare To control on the Analytics_Layouts_vod object page layouts for the different reports:
    • Territory Sales Analysis: TSA_Compare_To_vod
    • Territory Comparison: TC_Compare_To_vod

The Compare To control displays in the report filters section of the Territory Sales Analysis and Territory Comparison reports.

Users can select any territory node in the hierarchy directly above their own territory. For example, user in territory 101 who are part of District A can compare their sales to the aggregate results of District A, but not to the results of District B. They can also compare against the region that District A is a part of, but not any other region. All users can compare their performance to the top level node within the territory hierarchy.