Managing Event Budgets in the Refreshed Events Management UI

  • iPad

Event organizers using the refreshed Events Management UI can add appropriate Event Budgets to their event and view key metrics about those budgets directly from the event. Additionally, event organizers can use the Manage Sheet to view further details about the budgets associated with their events.

Who Can Use This Feature?

  • Platform – iPad
  • Licensing – Available to users with Events Management
  • Users – End users

Configuring Managing Event Budgets

To configure this feature for end users:

  1. Ensure Using the Refreshed Events Management UI (Sandbox Beta) is enabled.
  2. Add the EM_Event_Budget_vod related list to the appropriate EM_Event_vod object page layouts.
  3. Grant end users FLS read access to the following EM_Event_Budget_vod fields. This step is optional and enables end users to view certain budget metrics from the event:

    • Total_Budget_vod
    • Estimate_vod
    • Committed_vod
    • Actual_vod

Adding Budgets to an Event

To add budgets to an event:

Navigate to the Event Budgets related list from the event.

  1. Select the + button.
  2. Select the appropriate budgets to add.

  3. Select Add.

Viewing Event Budgets

Budgets display in the Budgets related list as a widget with cards representing each added budget. Each card has the following columns:

  • Total_Budget_vod – Displays in the card header next to the budget name
  • Estimate_vod
  • Committed_vod
  • Actual_vod

Select a budget card to display the corresponding Event Budget.

End users must have FLS read permission to the corresponding EM_Event_Budget_vod field for the field to display on the card.

Up to two Event Budgets display in the related list. If there are more than two Event Budgets on an event, select Manage to view all Event Budgets.

Managing Event Budgets in the Manage Modal

End users can also edit, add, or remove event budgets for their event by selecting Manage from the Event Budgets related list. To help visualize budget amounts, the following sums display in column headers when added to the related list:

  • Total_Budget_vod
  • Estimated_vod
  • Committed_vod
  • Actual_vod
  • Estimated_Remaining_vod

In multi-currency orgs, event budgets with different currencies will not display sums.