Surveys in Events Management

Users can associate Surveys to specific Events in Events Management. This allows users to tailor a Survey to a specific Event in order to receive feedback about the Event’s usefulness, effectiveness, convenience, and so on. Event Surveys can be created by cloning an existing Survey or by creating a new Survey. See Surveys for more information. Event Surveys can be embedded in Approved Emails as part of the invitation process.

For example, Sarah Jones creates an Event and associates a Survey. She sends an invitation to Dr. Clinton Ackerman via Approved Email containing both the invitation and a link to the Survey. Dr. Ackerman receives the invitation along with the Survey and completes the Survey. His response lets Sarah know that the check-in for the Event went smoothly.


To configure Surveys in Events Management:

  1. Ensure Surveys are configured for the appropriate user profile.
  2. Ensure Approved Email is configured for the appropriate user profile. See Approved Email Setup for configuration steps.
  3. Grant Survey Administrators and Survey Integration users access to the Event_Survey_vod record type.
  4. Grant Survey Admins FLS edit permission to the following fields on the Survey_Target_vod object:
    • EM_Event_vod
    • EM_Attendee_vod
    • EM_Event_Speaker_vod
    • All other fields populated by the survey target
  5. Grant users access to at least one Approved Document on the Events_Management_vod record type.


A new record type, Event_Survey_vod, is associated to the Survey_vod object.

Event Surveys can be created or cloned and published on the Survey Management page. Cloning Event Surveys retains the original Survey_vod and Survey_Question_vod object properties, but does not clone Targets. The status of the clone is always Development. The Territories_vod field on the Survey_vod object is set to the top territory node, allowing the Event Survey to be used in all Territories in the Org.

Published Event Surveys can only be used with the Approved Email channel.

The Event Survey can be embedded in an Approved Email by adding the {{surveyLink}} token to the appropriate Approved Email template in the desired location.

When an Approved Email with an Event Survey is sent, the {{surveyLink}} token expands to the URL of the Survey.

Attendees and Speakers can complete and submit the Survey. After the Survey is submitted, a message displays notifying the Attendee of the submission.

Question_Response_vod records are created for every question in the Survey even if questions are left unanswered.

This feature is available on the Online, iPad, and Windows Tablet platforms.