Adding QR Codes to Event Print Templates

  • Browser
  • iPad

Content creators can use a dedicated Print Template token to display an event’s QR sign-in code in materials created for an event. This enables event organizers to print and distribute their event’s QR code. Printed QR codes make it easier for attendees to sign in by scanning the code on their devices, providing more options for signing into an event.

Who Can Use This Feature?

  • Platforms – Browser, iPad
  • Licensing – Available to users with Events Management
  • Users – Content Creators, End Users

Configuring Saving an Event’s Sign-in URL

All Users

To configure this feature, ensure the following features are enabled:

Using the {{SignInQRCode}} Token

Add the {{SignInQRCode}} token to the appropriate Print Templates to insert a QR code that attendees can scan on their device to sign into the event.

Print Templates containing the {{SignInQRCode}} should only be made available to events configured to use QR codes for signing in. An error occurs if end users try to generate a Print Template containing this token from an event not configured to use QR sign-in.

The token can be marked as optional by adding the <O> parameter to the token.


Resizing the QR Code

By default, the QR code generates as a 200x200 pixel square image. Content creators can customize the size of the square image by adding the <Size=SIZE> parameter.

For example, {{SignInQRCode<Size=1000>}} generates a 1000x1000 pixel image for the QR code.

Generating Print Templates with QR Codes

When end users generate a Print Template including the {{SignInQRCode}} token, the resulting PDF contains a QR code of the event’s sign-in link.

This PDF can then be printed or distributed to attendees to easily scan the QR code with their own devices to sign into the event.