Filtering and Sorting the List of Events

  • iPad

To enable users to filter and sort through Events quickly, Events display in a spreadsheet-like list with sortable columns. Events can be filtered by Event Type, Start Date, ownership, and attendance.


To enable this feature:

  1. Ensure users have FLS permissions to the appropriate fields, for example, Name, Location, and Description on the Medical_Event_vod object.
  2. Ensure users have FLS permission to the Event_Type_vod record type or Start_Date_vod to display the filter icon.


Users can filter Events based on the following:

  • Event Type – Picklist of record types. The picklist values come from the record types of the Medical_Event_vod records to which the user has visibility
  • Date – Filter the Start_Date_vod by From and To Dates. Users can filter by one or both.

Three views are available for Medical Events:

  • All Events – The default view
  • Events I own – Logged in user is an owner
  • Events I’m Attending – Logged in user is an Attendee or an Event Team Member. If Displaying Events in My Schedule for Event Team Members is enabled, events where the user is part of a group listed as an Event Team Member also display.

Users can search Events using the search by the event name, location, and description. Filtered results can be sorted by selecting a column.

Status and Owner

Status and Owner also display on the Events list. The Status displays by default and is listed after the Event record type. If the Status is changed Online, the change reflects on iPad once a user accesses the event on the iPad platform. By default, the Owner displays as the last column on the page.