Validation and Trigger Errors When Saving an Event

Events Management pages now return Validation and Trigger errors to end users when saving a record.

Validation errors allow for simple validation when saving a record. For example, customers can create a validation rule to prevent a rep from submitting a speaker program for approval if the estimated costs exceed a fixed value.

Triggers allow complex validation and additional modification or creation of data. For example, a trigger can be used to prevent adding an attendee to an event if the attendee has already attended an event on the same topic. The same trigger could also be used to write to a custom log of attendance by event topic.

Both validation rules and triggers allow for returning specific error messages to end users in the case of saving invalid data based on these rules. All Events Management pages Online, and iPad pages in Connected Mode, support returning these error messages to the user.

It is possible for a trigger to execute code resulting in the failure of another trigger or validation rule. For example, a trigger may update another record that conflicts with a validation rule on that record. In this case, a system error displays in the user interface. Test triggers and validation rules carefully.