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Events Management has a timeline-based homepage that enables users to quickly locate appropriate events in the past, currently open events, or events planned in the future. Additionally, users can extensively filter and search for event information, for example, accounts, speakers, or topics available to the user. The events homepage also uses a series of icons to represent various event statuses, enabling users to visually identify an event’s lifecycle state.

This enhanced UI will completely replace the existing homepage in a future release.

For example, Sarah Jones wants to continue working on an approved, upcoming speaker event later this month. She navigates to the Events Management tab in CRM and filters the list of events to only display upcoming events owned by her. She searches for the event’s speaker, quickly locates her event, and resumes preparing for the event.


  • This feature is only available to Events Management users, not Medical Events users. However, if users are configured to use both Events Management and Medical Events, available Medical Events also display in this tab alongside Events Management events.


Configuring the Events Timeline Homepage

To configure this feature:

  1. Populate the Enhanced_Interface_Mode_vod Events Management Setting with a value of 1.
  2. Grant admins and organizers the following permissions:



    Record Types






    • EM_Speaker_vod
    • EM_Speaker_Identifier_vod





    • Product_vod
    • Program_Type_vod
    • Event_Format_vod
    • Topic_Name_vod
    • Is_Parent_vod


Mapping Icons to Event Statuses

The events homepage uses a series of icons to represent various event statuses, enabling users to visually identify an event’s lifecycle state. Admins can map these icons to the appropriate event statuses by editing the STATUS_ICON_MAP_vod Events Management Setting with the following format:

<Icon Name1>:<Status 1>,<Status2>;<Icon Name 2>:<Status 1>

The following icons are available:


Icon Name

Default Assigned Statuses


  • Requested_vod
  • Any custom status










  • Closed_vod
  • Canceled_vod

For example:


If the text of the mapping exceeds the maximum length of the Events Management Setting, enter the full text in the Status_Icon_Map_vod Veeva Message and populate the Events Management Setting with the name of the Veeva Message instead.

Using the Events Homepage

To display the events homepage, navigate to the Events Management tab in CRM.

When the tab loads, any updates to event data are downloaded to the device if users have an active internet connection. Users can refresh retrieved data by pulling to refresh on the homepage.

A timestamp of the most recent update displays in the top right corner of the page.

Events display as cards in a timeline, enabling organizers to quickly view information about an event’s details, as well as when it is scheduled in relation to other events. Organizers can view an event’s detail record page by selecting the appropriate card.

If the Local Time and Timezone feature is enabled alongside this feature, all displayed dates and times on the homepage also display the local event time.

Filtering and Searching the List of Events

A variety of filtering methods are available to organizers enabling them to quickly filter the greater list of events to only display the ones relevant to them.

  • List Views – The Events Management tab contains the following available list views:

    • All Events
    • Events I Own – Displays all events owned by the user
    • Events I’m Attending – Displays all events where the user is a listed attendee
    • Host Events – Displays all parent events not owned by the current user

    Switching views clears any defined search terms and applied filters.

  • Tabs – The following tabs are available grouping events based on their Start Date and End Date:
  • Upcoming
  • Past
  • Filters – The Filter button enables organizers to filter the list of events based on any of the following criteria. Users must have FLS read permission to the relevant fields for certain options to display:

    • Date – Always available
    • Status – Always available
    • Account – Filters based on the Account_vod field on the EM_Event_vod and Medical_Event_vod objects
    • Product – Filters based on the Product_vod field on the EM_Event_vod and Medical_Event_vod objects
    • Speaker – Filters based on the EM_Speaker_vod and EM_Event_Speaker_vod fields on the Event_Attendee_vod object

      This filter excludes event speakers with a Status_vod of Rejected_vod.

    All filters display as multi-select picklists, except for the Date filter, which displays as a calendar organizers can use to select a range for an event’s start date.

    Additionally, the Account, Product, and Speaker multi-select picklists dynamically display values based on the current list of events. For example, Sarah Jones covers Cholecap and Restolar. There are no current events scheduled discussing Restolar, so when she filters by Product, only Cholecap displays as an available option.

  • Search Bar – Searching allows organizers to search for any information on an event’s card on the timeline. Matches to search terms highlight in the resulting event cards.

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