Event Layout Rules Caching

Administrators can configure Events Management to cache generated page layouts. This improves performance when a user loads an event as the page layout does not need to be retrieved from the SFDC database.


To configure this feature, grant the Vadmin user and Event Administrators (users responsible for refreshing rules after making changes to Event Layouts) FLS read permission to the following fields on the EM_Event_Layout_vod object:

  • Country_Override_vod
  • Event_Layout_vod
  • Event_Object_Name_vod
  • Event_Configuration_vod
  • Event_Status_vod
  • Event_Team_Role_vod
  • Expense_Estimate_Layout_vod
  • Expense_Header_Layout_vod
  • Expense_Line_Layout_vod
  • Page_Layout_vod
  • Record_Type_vod
  • Visible_Buttons_vod

Both the Vadmin user and Event Administrators must have FLS read permission for these fields.


To use Event Layout Rules caching:

  1. Navigate to the EM Configuration Console tab.
  2. Select the Refresh Layout Rules button.

These steps must be repeated to apply new configuration changes made to the Page Layout Engine.