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Veeva Events Management has the option of storing a list of approved venues. Venues are locations where Events are held. These venues are stored in the EM_Venue_vod object.

To use an approved list of venues, this object must be maintained with the details of each venue. The Venue_vod field should also be added to the page layout for the EM_Event_vod object. The Location_vod, Location_Address_vod, Location_Address_Line_2_vod, City_vod, State_Province_vod, and Postal_Code_vod fields on the Event automatically populate with the details from the venue once a venue is selected.

Ensure users and admins are granted Edit FLS permission for the following fields on the EM_Event_vod and Medical_Event_vod objects:

  • City_vod
  • Location_vod
  • Location_Address_vod
  • Location_Address_Line_2_vod
  • Postal_Code_vod
  • State_Province_vod

Only venues with status Eligible_vod are selectable for an event.

If an approved venue list is not used, the Address fields should be editable on the Event object, and the Venue_vod field should be removed.

Expenses can be recorded against venues in the system. See Budgets and Expenses.

Searching for Venues

Users can search the name, location, or other attributes of the venue. The Venue Search function is split into two search input fields:

  • Name – Search the full text of the venue name or any configured text field in the search layout
  • Location – Search by venue location. Location search searches the full text of the Formatted_Address_vod formula field. By default, this formula is a concatenation of the following fields:
    • Address – Formatted Address
    • City
    • State/Province
    • Postal Code

For example, Sarah Jones is hosting an event and wants to find a venue near the HCP office in San Diego, California. She enters San Diego in the Location search field to display a list of all venues containing San Diego in the address. She refines the search results by entering Hilton in the Name search field to display a list of all venues that contain Hilton in their Name and have San Diego in their address.

This search can be altered to a single input field that searches for venues starting with the search query by removing FLS permissions to the Formatted_Address_vod field on the EM_Venue_vod object.