Page Layout Organizer

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The Page Layout Organizer allows Events Management admins to manage Event configurations. The Organizer reduces the time and effort required to implement and maintain complex, multi-country configurations.

Using the Page Layout Organizer, admins can accomplish the following:

  • Create, edit, or override an Event Layout quickly and easily
  • Expose or hide buttons on page layouts
  • Manage actions tied to the Event configuration
  • Test a particular page layout assignment based user and event
  • Perform a health check on multi-country page layout configurations
  • Verify whether a page layout exists for a particular combination of Event Type, Date, Country, Event Object, Record Type, Event Team Role, User Profile, and Status
  • Find and prevent misconfiguration and migration errors—typos, missing record types, or picklist values, among others

For example, an admin needs to verify which page layout displays for Sarah Jones. The admin accesses the Test Assignment tab and selects Sarah Jones and the Event to view the needed information.


To enable this feature, add the Page_Layout_Organizer_vod button on the Event Layout related list on the Event Configuration page layout and provide access to the following Visualforce pages:

  • EM_Page_Layout_Organizer_vod
  • EM_Event_Layout_Edit_vod
  • EM_Event_Layout_New_vod
  • EM_Event_Layout_View_vod
  • EM_Event_Action_View_vod
  • EM_Event_Action_Edit_vod
  • EM_Event_Configuration_View_vod

Ensure Visualforce page overrides are also enabled for Edit, New, and View buttons on the EM_Event_Action_vod and EM_Event_Layout_vod objects for the Visualforce pages listed above. Ensure Visualforce Page overrides are enabled for the View button on the EM_Event_Configuration_vod object for the Visualforce pages listed above.


To access the Page Layout Organizer, select the Page Layout Organizer button on an EM_Event_Configuration_vod record.

The Page Layout Organizer contains three tabs: Layout Settings, Event Actions, and Test Assignment:

  • The Layout Settings tab contains the Country Override, the Event Object, the record type of the selected object, the Event Team Role, the user profile, the event status and the assigned Page Layout’s name. Admins can use the New button to create a new Event Layouts or use the links in the Action column to Edit or Delete Existing Event Layout records.
  • The Event Actions tab displays the Country Override, the name of the button associated with the action, the Event’s starting status, the Event’s ending status, the Approver Role, the Veeva Messages used for the Entry Criteria Not Met Message and Confirmation Message features and a check mark in case comments are allowed on an Event Action. Admins can use the New button to create a new Event Action or use the links in the Action column to Edit or Delete existing Event Action records.

    In order to view and reuse existing Entry Criterion Not Met messages created outside of the Page Layout Organizer, the Category value for these messages should be updated to EVENT_ENTRYCRITERIA.

  • The Test Assignment Tab contains the same information as the Layout Settings tab for Event Layouts (Event Object Name = EM_Event_vod) along with a section called Key Parameters displaying all the criteria according to the selected user and Event driving the Page Layout Engine’s ranking algorithm. The grid view displays the highest ranked Event Layout along with all the Event Actions for the exposed buttons.