Users and Roles in Surveys

Surveys has several types of users, each of them with unique roles and responsibilities:

  • IT admins
  • Configures survey capabilities
  • Data loads large surveys
  • Survey admins
  • Creates surveys manually
  • Creates questions
  • Adds target accounts
  • Publishes surveys
  • End users
  • Field users who complete surveys against target accounts
  • HCPs who respond to HCP-facing surveys through Approved Email or CLM
  • Managers
  • Reviews survey results
  • Ensures users are completing surveys as needed

HCPs can access HCP-facing surveys if they are embedded into CLM content and shared in person offline. Surveys can be sent through Approved Email so HCPs can complete them on their own time. If embedding surveys into CLM content, reference the Appendix A JavaScript Library for more information.