Unlocking and Republishing a Survey

Once a survey is published, it is in Locked status, meaning the contents can only be edited by a user with edit privileges to the Lock_vod field. If an edit must be made to a survey after publishing, a user with edit privileges to the Lock_vod field can select the Unlock button on the survey target record to unlock the survey.

The Unlock button displays only to users with FLS edit permission to the Lock_vod field on the Survey_vod. Surveys must be in Published_vod or Complete_vod status to be unlocked.

Once unlocked, the survey’s status reverts to Development_vod. Any item on the Survey Management page, for example, a question or the survey’s end date, can be modified when it is unlocked. All existing Survey Target records are still available to end users.

Edits made to questions or segments are available immediately.

Edits made to survey header properties copied down to Survey Target records are updated when the survey is republished.