Adding Survey Channels

The Channels_vod field displays by default on the Survey_vod page layout. This text field renders as a multi-select field and determines which channel the survey can be answered in. The options are the following:

  • CRM_vod (label CRM) – must be selected to allow users to answer survey target records through the standard Veeva interface. Question Response records created through the standard Veeva interface use this record type
  • CLM_vod (label CLM) – select this option if deploying a survey within CLM content. Question Responses created by users use this record type

Survey creators define deployment channels when creating a survey. This information is stored in the Channels_vod field on the Survey_vod object. The available channel options are driven by record type access on the Question_Response_vod object. If only the CRM channel will be used, the Channels_vod field can be removed from the Survey page layout, but the field should have a default value of CRM_vod to enable users to answer the survey.