Adding Segments to a Survey

Segments allow you to categorize the results of the weighted questions in a survey based on survey responses. Survey admins can create segments based on the total value of the weighted questions. When a survey target is submitted, the values of answer choices are summed and the values are stamped to the Score_vod field on the Survey Target record. This value is compared to the Segment_vod field in the Survey_vod record. The segment that corresponds to the account's score gets stamped into the Segment_vod field on the survey target record.

For example, Sarah Jones executes a survey to her pharmacy accounts to assess their potential to sell out of her company’s products. She uses the segments to evaluate the pharmacy’s score and determine which pharmacies are doing poorly.

When a user submits a survey target record, the score is compared to the minimum and maximum score ranges for each segment. If the Survey Target score falls into one of the segment score ranges, the segment name is stamped onto the Survey Target record.

Segments cannot overlap with each other and cannot exceed the minimum and maximum score values of the survey. The minimum and maximum score values of the survey are calculated based on the highest and lowest possible scores for each individual question. For example, if a multi-select pick-list question has five answer choices each worth 10 points, the highest possible value for that question is 50 points increasing the maximum possible score for the whole survey by 50 points.

Do not use semicolons in the text of the Segment.

Segments must be within the Min and Max Score values of the survey and must not overlap.