Components of Order Management

Order Management includes the following components:

  • Account - Accounts are at the core of many parts of CRM including Order Management
  • Address_vod - Stores all addresses for each account profile, as well as DEA and State Licenses for HCPs, and allows users to maintain multiple addresses for each person or business account.
  • Order_vod - Contains object header information, for example, the account for which the order is being placed, the date, and total currency amount for the order. Because the order header is not a child of the account object, users can set sharing rules on the Order object.
  • Order_Line_vod - Contains detailed information about the products being ordered, the quantity, the pricing rules for each product, discounts applied, and the total amount for the line
  • Pricing_Rule_vod - Contains the pricing rules for each product, including the LIst_Price_Rule_vod field, which determines the price for an item on an order. Pricing Rules are run in real-time during order entry, both online and offline in Veeva CRM Mobile platforms.
  • Product_vod - The Product Catalog contains all product types available for use. Users can access information about products and competitive intelligence.