Payment Terms

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Payment terms refer to a value used to determine when the product will be paid for. This is typically negotiated between the rep and the pharmacist.

Payment terms are available as a pricing rule type and can be applied to specific accounts, account groups, and campaigns. These are defined at multiple levels:

  • Order Line level (SKU)
  • Brand level
  • Product Group level
  • Order level

Payment term rules are applied to orders after all other rules have run and discounts have been applied.

You can clone a Payment Rule and change the Comparison Type.

Overlapping Payment Rules are not supported even if the rules have different Comparison Types. This is true for both overlapping dates and overlapping quantities.

Enabling Payment Terms


Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To enable payment terms for entire orders:

  1. Grant users FLS read permission to the Payment_Rule_vod field on the Order_vod object.
  2. Grant users FLS read permission to the Payment_Max_vod field on the Pricing_Rule_vod object.
  3. Place the Payment_Rule_vod and Payment_Max_vod fields on the appropriate Order_vod page layout.
  4. SelectSave.

To enable payment terms for order lines:

  1. Grant users FLS read permission to the following fields on the Order_Line_vod object:
  • Payment_vod
  • Payment_Rule_vod
  • Payment_Group_Rule_vod
  • Payment_Group_vod
  • Payment_Brand_Rule_vod
  • Payment_Brand_vod
  • Total_Payment_Rule_vod
  • Total_Payment_vod

  1. Place all the fields from the previous step on the appropriate Order_Line_vod page layout.
  2. Select Save.