Defining Minimum Timeframes Between Delivery Orders

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To aid over-the-counter (OTC) Accounts with product deliveries, cost control, or inventory shortages, users can define a set minimum timeframe between delivery orders using a Delivery Rule similar to a Pricing Rule. Rules are used to guide the user on available delivery dates at the time of order capture. If the user selects a date not permitted, a warning displays.

Delivery rules can be set as limit bound, which prevents users from submitting Orders. It is possible to create different delivery rules for different accounts, based on segmentation. Delivery rules can be created for a particular product or at total Order level.

Delivery Rules can be created for Kits if the Kit = product type Order. Delivery rules for individual Kit items is not supported.

Delivery Periods is a new record type in the Pricing Rule object. Admins need to enable this new record type for the appropriate profiles and assign the record type to the relevant page layout.

Configuring Minimum Timeframes Between Delivery Orders


Ensure initial configuration is complete before enabling this functionality.

To enable this feature:

  1. Grant READ/WRITE to the following fields on the Pricing_Rule_vod object:
  • Min_Delivery_Time_Frame_vod
  • Delivery_Start_Date_vod
  • Deliver_End_Date_vod
  1. Place the new fields on the Delivery Rule page layout.
  2. Ensure the user has Create permission on the page layout.
  3. Create two Delivery Rules:
  • Minimum time frame between two deliveries – at the Order level, not for the Product
  • Allowed delivery time frame

Below are possible rules and conditions:

  • Create a rule to specify users are not able to select a delivery date that does not meet the minimum required time frame between delivery orders
  • Create a rule to specify available time frames for delivery of specific products
  • Flag a rule as Limit Bound to prevent users from signing or submitting an order with invalid delivery dates
  • Associate a deliver rule to an Account, Account Group, Order Campaign, or a Contract

When a user adds a new delivery for Order Line Delivery Splitting, the delivery date defaults to the Order Date + 1 day. After a delivery date is entered, if the date is outside the allowed delivery time frame, users are not able to enter a product quantity.

The Order date populates by default date based on the Delivery rule, however, users can change that date as long as it respects the Delivery rule dates. Delivery Dates cannot be before an Order date.