Creating a Medical Inquiry

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Online Classic
  • Online Lightning
  • Windows

Medical Inquiries can be used to track inquiries submitted by users on behalf of HCPs. Inquiries can be captured against Person Accounts on the Account page, from an Account Related List, when recording a Call, from CLM, and from Engage Meeting. Inquiries cannot be created against a Business Account.

Users can create a Medical Inquiry from several different access points in CRM: 

  • Account Related List
  • Account View
  • Call Report
  • CLM Presentation

VMOCs for Medical Inquiry on iPad or iPhone are not needed for Medical Inquiries if the 'Include Related Objects' check box is selected on the Account object VMOC for iPad or iPhone, and Medical Inquiry is configured as a related list on the Account detail page. For more information, see Using a Top Level Sync VMOC.

Validation Disclaimer

In Veeva CRM, Medical Inquiry features were historically validated by the Veeva team before a release. New features in Minor Releases are released without validation and are validated with the next Major Release. Medical Inquiry on iPhone was extensively tested by our QA team during the development and release process and will go through validation with the 20R2 Major Release in August This new feature requires Medical Inquiry to be configured on the iPad and does not affect current validated functionality.

Creating a Medical Inquiry from an Account Related List

Medical Inquiries can be launched from an Account related list.

To enable this feature: 

  1. Place the Medical Inquiries related list on the Account page layout.
  2. Ensure the New button is enabled in the Related List Properties.

Creating a Medical Inquiry from Account Views

Users can create Medical Inquires from certain Account views to avoid navigating to another part of the application. The following pages require the New_Medical_Inquiry_vod button on the appropriate Account page layout to create Inquires directly:

  • Account Profile
  • Account Timeline
  • My Accounts

Configuring Creating Medical Inquiries from Account Views

To configure Medical Inquiry Creation from Account Views:

  1. Enable the Medical_Inquiry_From_Account_vod and SObject_New_vod Visualforce pages for users.
  2. Grant users Create permission on the Medical_Inquiry_vod object.

Using Account Views to Create a Medical Inquiry

iPad and Windows users can select the New_Medical_Inquiry_vod button from an Account profile, the Account Timeline, or the My Accounts list. Users can only create Medical Inquiries from the Account Timeline if the Account Timeline is set as the default view. Online users can create an Inquiry from the Account profile.

Creating a Medical Inquiry from a Call Report

Medical Inquiries can be launched directly from a Call Report. When the user records a Call, the New Medical Inquiry option is available from the More Actions button on the Call Report.

To configure this feature:

  1. Place the Medical Inquiries related list on the Account page layout.
  2. Place the zvod_More_Actions_vod field on the Call page layout in the zvod_buttons section.

If the Call Report is for a Business Account, such as a hospital, the call must have at least one attendee to record a Medical Inquiry. If there is only one attendee on the call, creating a new Medical Inquiry automatically uses that attendee as the Account. For multiple attendees, the user must first select an attendee on the call before a Medical Inquiry is created.

If the Call Report is for a Person Account, that account is automatically used when creating a new Medical Inquiry, regardless of whether there are multiple attendees selected on the call. Users can change the Account to a different attendee on the Medical Inquiry.

Creating a Medical Inquiry from CLM

To save time and improve the overall experience in CLM, users can create a Medical Inquiry without exiting a CLM presentation. When the MEDICAL_INQUIRY_OVERLAY_vod Multichannel Setting is enabled with a value of 1 and the user is configured to use Medical Inquiries, the New Medical Inquiry option is available from the More Actions menu. When selected, a Medical Inquiry overlay displays. The overlay uses the same configuration as the standard Medical Inquiry page for buttons and behavior.

When the user finishes the Medical Inquiry and closes the overlay, they return to their previous place in the CLM presentation.

At the end of the CLM Presentation, if the Medical Inquiry is not submitted, it displays to the user for completion before the Call Report is displayed.