Viewing Medical Inquiries from Vault Medical

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Medical inquiries created and fulfilled in Vault Medical and aligned with CRM accounts can be shared with Veeva CRM integration users. This provides a comprehensive view of all medical inquiries aligned to CRM accounts to users of both Vault Medical and Veeva CRM.

For example, Dr. Clinton Ackerman is one of Sarah Jones’ accounts. Sarah can view all the medical inquiries aligned to Dr. Ackerman’s account, including inquiries created and fulfilled in both Veeva CRM and Vault Medical.

Configuring Medical Inquiries from Vault Medical

To configure CRM to integrate with Vault Medical:

  1. Select the Active check box for the MedComms_Medical_Inquiry record type in the Medical_Inquiry_vod object.
  2. Grant the appropriate Vault Medical integration user access to the MedComms_Medical_Inquiry record type.
  3. Assign the MedComms_Medical_Inquiry page layout to the appropriate user profiles.

Viewing Medical Inquiries from Vault Medical

The field-to-field mappings of the CRM Account and Medical_Inquiry_vod objects and sharing medical inquiries from occur in Vault. See Configuring Medical Inquiry CRM Data Sharing for more information.

Medical inquiries created in Vault Medical contain the following fields in CRM:

  • Response_Document_Link_vod
  • Response_Notes_vod
  • MedComms_Record_ID_vod