Viewing Medical Activities from Vault Clinical in CRM

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Organizations with both Medical CRM and a Clinical Operations CTMS Vault can exchange data related to Medical and Clinical activities using the Clinical Operations to Medical CRM Connection. The Clinical Operations to Medical CRM Connection pushes Vault Clinical activities into Medical CRM as Call records, and Clinical CRM extracts Call records from Medical CRM and creates them as activities in Vault Clinical, improving coordination and efficiency between users of both applications. Call details are visible to both types of users, regardless of which system they are using. The two-way transfer of records allows users to have a complete picture of the HCP.

For example, Larry Lakes is an MSL who uses Medical CRM to log Call details regarding HCPs. He works with several Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) who use Vault Clinical to keep track of activities for some of the same HCPs he interacts with. Before Larry schedules his next onsite visit with Dr. Johnson, a KOL in Oncology, he views details of the Call records for Dr. Johnson’s account in CRM to ensure he is up to date with everything logged this far, from either CRM or Vault.

Configuring the Clinical Operations to Medical CRM Connection

Before configuring CRM to use the Clinical CRM Connector, create a connected app in CRM for Vault Clinical Connection:

  1. Select Create > Apps from the App Setup menu.
  2. Select New in the Connected Apps section.
  3. Enter the following values:
    • Connected App Name - Vault Clinical Connection
    • Contact Email - the administrator’s email address
    • Callback URL - the CRM organization’s URL
  4. Select Relax IP Restriction in the IP Relaxation section.
  5. Select the Enable OAuth Settings check box.
  6. Move the following Selected OAuth Scopes from available to selected:
    • Manage user data via APIs (api)
    • Perform requests at any time (refresh_token, offline_access)
  7. Select Save.
  8. Select Manage Consumer Details in the API (Enable OAuth Settings) section.
  9. Select Copy to paste and save the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values. These values are required to authenticate the connection in Vault Clinical.

To configure CRM to use the Clinical CRM Connector:

  1. Grant the integration user the following permissions:
    ObjectOLSRecord TypesFieldsFLS
    Call2_vod CUVault Clinical Interaction_vod
    • Call_Channel_vod
    • Call_Date_vod
    • Status_vod
    • Vault_Clinical_From_vod
    • Vault_Clinical_External_Id_vod
    • Vault_Clinical_Send_To_vod
    • Subject_vod
  2. Grant users the following permissions:

    Object OLS Record Types Fields FLS






    • Call_Channel_vod
    • Call_Date_vod
    • Status_vod
    • Vault_Clinical_From_vod
    • Vault_Clinical_External_Id_vod
    • Subject_vod
    • Vault_Clinical_Send_To_vod


  3. Ensure users are assigned the Vault Clinical Interaction page layout for the Vault Clinical Interaction_vod record type.

Create a flow in CRM to select the Vault Clinical check box based on the record type or another parameter on the record:

  1. Select Create > Workflow & Approvals > Flows from the App Setup menu.
  2. Select New Flow.
  3. Select Record-Triggered Flow.
  4. Select Create.
  5. Select Call2_Detail_vod__c from the Object drop-down menu.
  6. Select A record is created or updated from the Configure Trigger list.
  7. Select the appropriate Condition Requirement in the Set Entry Conditions section.
  8. Select Fast Field Updates in the Optimize the FLow for section.
  9. Select Done.
  10. Select the plus icon in the flow diagram to add an element.
  11. Select Assignment from the Logic section.
  12. Enter the following values:
    • Label - Set Send to Vault Clinical Field to True
    • API Name - Set_Send_to_Vault_Clinical_Field_to_True
    • Description - This step will populate the Send to Vault Clinical field on Call object to True so records can be transferred to Vault Clinical.
    • Variable - {!$Record.Vault_Clinical_Send_To_vod__c}
    • Operator - Equals
    • Value - {!$GlobalConstant.True}
  13. Select Done.
  14. Select Save.
  15. Select Activate.

Complete the required configuration steps in Vault Clinical. For more information, see

Viewing CRM Activities from Vault Clinical

When users view information about an HCP in Medical CRM, both Vault Clinical details and Medical CRM activities display.