Creating Medical Inquiry Print Receipts

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Users can download and save or print a Medical Inquiry receipt, for their own records or for an HCP, after submitting a Medical Inquiry.

Configuring Medical Inquiry Print Receipts

To configure this feature:

  1. Open the appropriate Person Account page layout.
  2. Edit the Medical Inquiries properties in the Related Lists section of the Account_vod page layout and add the Print Receipt custom button.
  3. Save the layout.

To customize the HTML template:

  1. Deactivate the RECEIPT_TEMPLATE_vod Veeva Message in the Medical_Inquiry category.
  2. Clone the RECEIPT_TEMPLATE_vod Veeva Message and rename the External ID.
  3. Activate the new message.
  4. Edit the HTML template as needed.
  5. Select Save.

The default HTML template contains a placeholder for a company logo. If the default template is not customized with a target graphic file, no graphic appears.

To customize the size of the signature box on the print receipt, add a style tag to the HTML template with the signature image selector and a width attribute. Enclose the signature tag inside a span tag with a class attribute to avoid conflicts with other images within the HTML template.

The following example sets the signature box width to 600 pixels:

span.signature img{
  width: 600px
<span class="signature">@@@Medical_Inquiry_vod__c.Signature_vod__c@@@

Using Medical Inquiry Receipts

To create a Medical Inquiry receipt:

  1. Scroll to the Medical Inquiries section on the HCP's Account page.
  2. Select the check box for the Medical Inquiry you want to generate a PDF receipt for.
  3. Select the Print Receipt button. A new page opens with the embedded PDF.
  4. Download and save or print the receipt.