Supporting Medical Event Attendees in Lightning

Lightning-enabled orgs have access to a dedicated experience on the Browser (Lightning) platform, enabling the use of Salesforce’s enhanced Lightning UI when editing Event_Attendee_vod records as part of Medical Events. This enables users to edit Medical Event attendees via the Lightning Experience.

To enable this functionality:

  1. Grant users access to the EMRedirectController Apex class.
  2. Navigate to the Buttons, Links, and Actions page on the Event_Attendee_vod object.
  3. Edit the Edit button.
  4. Set the Lightning Experience override to the c:veevaEventAttendeeEditOverride Lightning Component.
  5. Navigate to the Lightning Record Pages page on the Event_Attendee_vod object.
  6. Edit the only existing record page.
  7. Select Save without making any changes to the page.
  8. Select Make Page Org Default.