Contract Products Mass Add Mode

  • iPad

To assist in tracking Product visibility, users can now quickly and easily add a predefined subset of Products when capturing inventory. Because pharmacists sign visibility agreements for certain brands that users need to monitor during store checks, users can focus only on the products that are part of the listing contract.

Configuring Contract Products Mass Add Mode

To enable this feature, set the IM_TOUCH_ENTRY_MODE_vod Veeva Setting to a value of 4.

A value of 4 activates the following behavior:

  • If the Contract_vod field is populated on the Inventory Monitoring header, only the products associated with that Contract are automatically added to Inventory Monitoring lines
  • If the Contract_vod field is blank on the Inventory Monitoring header, no products are added to the Inventory Monitoring lines

The IM_TOUCH_ENTRY_MODE_vod Veeva Setting default value is 0. A setting of 1 enables Mass Add Lines. A setting of 2 enables saving only valid Lines. A setting of 3 enables both Mass Add Lines and saving only valid Lines.

Using Contract Products Mass Add Mode

  • Only valid lines are saved
  • Cloning an Inventory Monitoring record with Contract Products Mass Add copies the last Inventory Monitoring record only. It does not re-run Contract Mass Add logic.
  • Inventory Monitoring does not support Smart Edit
  • When a user changes the Contract header, the Contract Products Mass Add logic reruns and replaces IM lines with products from the new Contract
  • When a user removes a Contract on the header, IM Lines and any previously entered data are cleared
  • Users can remove Contract Products and add non-Contract Products from the Product Selector. Products not in the Contract are added on a single-entry basis.
  • If a user removes a Contract product, it can be re-added from the Product Selector
  • If a default Contract exists, products from that Contract are automatically mass added to the IM Lines