Using the Inventory Monitoring History Tab

  • iPad

Users are able to view the Inventory Monitoring history values by navigating to the Inventory Monitoring History tab in the Product Info Panel. This tab displays information about previously captured IM records for the selected product. Three months of history information displays.

When enabled, the History tab displays after the Product Info tab, and contains the number of IM records displayed on the page in parenthesis. Use the INVENTORY_MONITORING_HISTORY_WITH_COUNT Veeva Message for the tab title.

Users need FLS access to the Inventory_Monitoring_Date_vod__c or DateTime_vod__c field on the Inventory_Monitoring_vod object to display the history tab. The standard configuration is to display the Inventory Monitoring Date (the date the IM record was created), however, if the DateTime field is used instead (date and time the IM record was submitted), it displays on the history tab. FLS is required for the Status_vod field to display the status column.