Inventory Monitoring Types Per Account

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Because users perform different monitoring activities for different pharmacies, one to-do list does not suit every situation. To help users track which items they need to monitor at which pharmacy, Inventory Monitoring activities can now be defined in advance and assigned to an Account. Only the relevant activities for the Account display, so users do not need to remember which activities belong to which store visit. Activities can be defined as distinct Inventory Monitoring (IM) types.

For example, Sarah Jones is on a Call. She opens her Account and sees the tasks for that Account: capture and tag a photo illustrating product placement, verify a promotional item is properly displayed, and ensure the pharmacy is selling key products.

Configuring Inventory Monitoring Types Per Account

  1. Grant FLS permission to the following fields on the Account object.
  2. Inventory_Monitoring_Type_vod
  3. Default_Inventory_Monitoring_Type_vod (optional)

  4. Grant access to the appropriate Inventory Monitoring Types for all relevant Accounts.
  5. If an IM Type is defined for an Account, a default IM Type must also be defined for that Account.

  6. Create corresponding IM Types as picklist values in the Account object.
  7. The values must be a literal match to the Inventory Monitoring record type. For example, if the IM record type name is Product_Placement_bma, the corresponding picklist value for Inventory_Monitoring_Type_vod is also Product_placement_bma.

  8. Define the Default_Inventory_Monitoring_Type_vod list of values.
  9. The default value must match an existing value in the Inventory_monitoring_Type_vod field.

  10. Assign available Inventory Monitoring Types and defaults to all relevant Accounts.

Using Inventory Monitoring Types Per Account

When a user creates an IM record, the IM Type is automatically defined. If multiple IM Types are defined for an Account, users can change the value on the header, if needed. A message displays alerting the user that items associated to the original IM Type will be cleared if the user proceeds.

Users can also select an IM Call Objective from a Call Report. If the objective is associated with an IM Type available for the Account, the IM Call Objective displays.