Linking Inventory Monitoring with Call Objectives

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  • iPad

Users can now create a new Inventory Monitoring record from a Call Objective, which allows customers to set IM specific Call Objectives for a rep. When the IM is captured, the corresponding Call Objective is automatically stamped as Completed.

To associate an Inventory Monitoring Call Objective to a specific IM Record Type, an exact and literal match of the Inventory Monitoring Record Type Label should be entered in the Call Objective Inventory Monitoring Type text field.

Configuring Linking Inventory Monitoring with Call Objectives

To enable this feature:

  1. Grant users FLS to the Inventory_Monitoring_vod field on the Call Objective object.
  2. Grant users who create Inventory Monitoring objectives permission to the Inventory_Monitoring_vod Call Objective record type.
  3. Provide users with Create and Delete privileges on the Call Objective object and for the record type of the Call Objective being used.

Using Linking Inventory Monitoring with Call Objectives

Tapping the IM Call Objective from the Call Report:

  • Saves the Call Report
  • Creates a new IM record
  • Once an IM is captured the associated Call Objective is marked Completed
  • If there are multiple IM Call Objectives, to complete the individual IM Call Objective, the user must tap that IM record
  • If Continuous Inventory Monitoring is enabled, the new IM line values are copied from the previous submitted IM record with the record type matching the Call Objective IM record type

Tapping Save or Submit navigates the user back to the Call Report. The Call Objective is then marked as complete.

Inventory Monitoring Call Objectives are read-only online. When in View mode they display as one-click objectives. In Edit mode, completed objectives display as check boxes in a separate section. These check boxes are read-only.